ABUS Stainless Steel Padlocks for Storage Lockers and Trailers

Stainless Steel High Security Padlock for Travel Trailers and Storage Lockers

Handmade in Germany since 1949. The Diskus series of locks by ABUS offer many benefits over traditional padlocks and are one of the top choices for storage lockers and trailers.

In this article we will be specifically looking at the ABUS 20/70 model. The 20/70 features the ABUS-Plus disk cylinder, Anti-cut plate and is constructed from mostly Stainless Steel.

These are the exact locks I have been using on a personal snowmobile trailer for the past two years. They have been directly exposed to rain, snow, salt, sun and ice. Here is my review.

ABUS 20/70 Diskus Series Padlocks, Introduction

Founded by August Bremicker in 1924, ABUS has built their business around the simple motto “Security built on quality”.

For almost 100 years they have been designing and producing high quality locks for both the residential and commercial market.

These products range from padlocks, bicycle locks, door cylinders, active intruder detection and video surveillance systems.

“Our Diskus: Compact. Corrosion resistant. Security made simple.”

Christian, ABUS employee, Volmastein production site

Engineered and manufactured at the ABUS headquarters located in Wetter-Vomarstein Germany. The Diskus series of locks has been in production since 1949 (over seven decades).

So what makes them so special and are they worth the extra cost vs your typical Master Lock? Lets take a look at the features.

Quality Materials and Workmanship, Create Peace of Mind

In this section I will go over a few unique features of the ABUS 20/70 and the reason why I decided to purchase this unit instead of a traditional Master padlock.

ABUS 20/70 Diskus padlock on snowmobile trailer

Before purchasing any security device it is important to really think about the types of threats or attacks you are most likely to experience. Based on the answers to those questions, you can then focus on the best device for the job.

Quality Materials

Since this lock was going to be used on a snowmobile trailer, it had to be built of high quality materials in order to hold up to the harsh winter conditions. Water, Ice, Sand and the worst of all…Salt.

Stainless Steel

Since rust was a big concern. What better material to use for this application but Stainless Steel.

Commonly used on marine applications, Stainless Steel is a great choice as it does a great job of holding up against corrosion caused by salt.

Small Shackle Size

The round Diskus shape helps protect the most vulnerable part of the locking assembly. The shackle.

By minimizing how much of the shackle is exposed, this makes it very hard to attack the lock with a set of bolt-cutters. This feature also makes the ABUS Diskus one of the best locks for a storage locker.

ABUS-Plus Disc Cylinder

Instead of a traditional keyway that uses pins and springs. The ABUS lock uses a set of discs.

Why is this important?

With all the information available today. Picking a standard keyway that uses pins & springs is a fairly easy task for many criminals now.

My ABUS 20/70 Review, Pros/Cons

The features above check the most important boxes for my application. Weatherized, Resistant to common bolt-cutter attacks and also extremely pick resistant.

Crime of Opportunity – a crime that is committed without planning when the perpetrator sees that they have the chance to commit the act at that moment and seizes it. – Wikipedia

Since those are the types of crimes I was most concerned about this lock should do a fine job. Stopping the common criminal who might show up with a few crude tools and limited lock-picking knowledge.


  • Very well made, Stainless Steel Construction. Having been using these locks for around 2yrs, I have yet to see any rust forming anywhere on the lock.
  • Limited shackle exposure. Protecting the most vulnerable part of the lock will make a brute force attack harder to pull off.
  • Highly pick-resistant. While it is not impossible to pick this type of lock it is much harder compared to a traditional padlock and typically requires specialized tools.


  • I have had issues with freeze up. When the temperature drops any moisture/snow can cause the locking cylinder to seize. Warming with a lighter or torch fixes this in a minute but it is still a pain.
  • Hard to find. These are not the type of locks you are going to find at your local hardware store.
  • Cost. Now while I think they are priced fair for the quality and features, expect to pay quite a bit more vs a standard padlock.

Where would these locks be best used?

There are many applications where this type of lock would work very well. However, keep in mind you may be limited due to the small shackle opening.

Storage containers & lockers would be a great place to use a lock like this. Many of the same threats described above (bolt-cutters & picking) are common attacks used at these locations.

ABUS security Hasp and padlock for tool sheds
ABUS HASP & Diskus padlock combo

Outdoor sheds. Pair this lock with the ABUS Hasp 140 and secure your tools from most crimes of opportunity.

Locations near the ocean. Trailers and security applications that are exposed to salt air. The stainless steal construction offers excellent corrosion protection in these harsh environments.

Enclosed Trailer Doors – Depending on the style of door these locks can work on many enclosed snowmobile or construction trailers.  (see more trailer security locks here)

Conclusion, Final Thoughts

Overall I am very happy with this purchase and other than the freezing issue when the temperature drops, no other big complaints. If you plan on using this in very cold temperatures, this may be of concern.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this information was helpful if you were researching options on which padlock to use for your own trailer, shed or storage locker.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. Stay safe.

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