Best Keyless Entry Lock, Battery Powered

Schalge BE375 Keyless Entry Lock, Battery Powered

Lets face it, having to carry keys is a pain. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can be a huge hassle if/when you lock yourself out. Here is the lock I use and recommend to solve this everyday problem.

Adding a Keyless Entry Lock to your front door has many benefits.

Not only are they extremely convenient, they are also a great way to increase overall security. In this article I will be going over my pick of what I consider to be one of the best keyless entry locks on the market for any home or apartment.

Imagine not having to worry about searching for your door keys everytime you leave the house. Returning home from work, going out for a quick jog, walking the dog, etc. Well welcome to 21st century.

Schlage Touch Camelot BE375 Battery Powered Deadbolt

Schlage Battery Powered Deadbolt Installed on Residential Door

The Schalge Touch series has all of the features I was looking for when searching for the perfect keyless entry lock.

Pin code entry, mechanical deadbolt, unable to be picked or bumped, easy installation and priced pretty reasonably. Also, I liked the overall look of the design.

Pin Entry

The BE375 can hold up to 19 different, 4-digit pin codes. This means you can setup a few different codes for family members and add/remove codes as needed.

Mechanical Deadbolt Operation

Once activated, you will have to manually engage the deadbolt using the front thumb knob. When searching for a battery powered deadbolt this was an important feature I wanted.

The reason that I prefer having to manually throw the deadbolt vs an automated motorized option is that you don’t have to worry about the motor failing.

Also, a motorized deadbolt can be extremely picky with installation. Any rubbing or misalignment in the door will cause issues with the the locking/unlocking of the door.

Pick proof & Bump Proof

With all the information available on the internet. It is now becoming easier and more common for thieves to pick or “bump” a keyed lock.

Since this lock does not have a key cylinder it is 100% safe from these types of attacks.

*Note. If the batteries die there is a “jump start” feature on the front of the lock where you can power the device using a 9v battery.

Keyless Entry Deadbolt, Installation

One of the most important things with this lock (or any lock) is to make sure you do a proper installation.

Reading through alot of the negative reviews, it appeared that many of them were due to improper installation or could be attributed to power issues. Maybe from using low-quality batteries??

Make sure you use high-quality batteries.

This unit requires 4 x AA batteries and you can’t go wrong with good Duracell or Energizer brands. Unfortunately there are alot of low-cost battery options available but do not be tempted by the low price. For sensitive electronic equipment they are not worth the hassle.

Physical Lock Installation

A proper installation is very important to the overall operation of this lock. The deadbolt should be installed in a way where it does not bind or rub when thrown. Also, there needs to be enough depth in the jamb to ensure the bolt can be fully extended.

Since wood can swell & shrink, leave a little extra room around the deadbolt to allow for any fluctuations.

Pairing the Deadbolt with a Passage Function Leverset

Most residential doors will be pre-prepped with two holes. The top hole is for a deadbolt and the bottom hole for a lever or doorknob.

The Schlage Pin Entry lock will install in the top hole but you will still need a handle set for the bottom.

Schalge Passage Function Residential Leverset

In my case I decided to go with the Schlage F10 LAT, Passage Function lockset. With the Passage Function, the handle is always unlocked from the inside & outside.

So far this has been a great choice that allows for the perfect combination of security & convenience.

Overall Experience & Review

I have been using this Electronic Deadbolt on my house (almost everyday) for over 4-years now and it has been great.

The best thing about having a keyless entry lock is the convenience of being able to leave home without having to worry about keys. No more getting locked out or hiding a key under the doormat.

Another added benefit is that you can create multiple codes to have on hand “as spares” these spares can be giving to a family member or close friend should they need to gain entry when your not around.

By giving them one of these “spare codes” they can enter the property and you can then remove the code as needed.


Another reason I really like this lock is because of the overall layout and features. I’m not sure who was responsible for the programming, but it was very well thought out.

At the top of the PIN pad area there is the main SCHLAGE button. By pressing this button it will give you feedback on the current state of the lock and displays a nice light over the keys.

If the lock is currently in the “unlocked” state. Pressing the top button will engage the lock, allowing you to quickly throw the bolt to lock your door upon exit. Press the button and turn the knob and your done.

Night Light on Battery Powered Deadbolt Schalge BE375

If the lock is currently in the “locked” state. Pressing the top button will turn on a small night light that shines over the keys. This is extremely helpful at night as you don’t need to pull out a phone or flashlight to see the keys.

Locking/Unlocking on the Inside

On the inside of the unit there is a standard thumb turn that allows you to easily lock or unlock the deadbolt, purely mechanically.

So no matter what, you will always be able to lock or unlock your door regardless of what is going on with the electronics or batteries.

Conclusion, Schalge Deadbolt & Leverset

As I mentioned above, I have been using this exact setup for the past 4 years and have yet to have any complaints.

Battery life has been good (replaced only once) and I have never had an issue with the electronics or mechanics of the electronic deadbolt.

Also, to add even more security to an in-swing door, check out this easy to install lock by Defender: Door Reinforcement Lock

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